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I moved to the Netherlands and I need health insurance

Health insurance kinderen kinderafdeling ziekenhuis kinderziekenhuis geen ruimte op de afdeling krapte te weinig bedden

In the Netherlands, everyone is obliged to have a basic health insurance. All the basic needs for health care are covered in this insurance. For example, the general practitioner (GP), hospital stay and primary mental care fall under the basic insurance. The average costs for a basic health insurance in the Netherlands are around € 100,- per month. Every insurer offers a basic healthcare package, but they do differ in the premium you will have to pay. This is why compares all of the insurances and tries to prevent you from overpaying.

Health insurance


What is ‘Eigen Risico’ (policy excess / own risk)?

The policy excess is the amount of money you have to pay for the care that is part your basic health insurance. The obligated policy excess is € 385,-. during 2017. This means you pay € 385,- for the first care you will receive in 2017. You can decide to voluntarily increase the policy excess (up to € 885,-). The advantage of this is that your monthly premium will be lowered and you can save money. Vice versa, if you need basic care in 2017, it means you have to pay a higher amount for policy excess.

Additional insurance

It is possible to extend your health package with an additional insurance. This covers care that is not part of the basic insurance. For example: dentists, physiotherapy and alternative threatments are care that are not part of the basic health insurance. If you decide to take an additional insurance, the monthly premium will increase. Note: you don’t have to pay the policy excess for care that is part of the additional package.

The service of helps you choosing the health insurance that suits you best! You just have to fill in your needs for the health insurance and we will show you the best insurances right away. Not only the cheapest insurances are shown, we also give discount on most of the health insurances. Still hard to choose? Our team is available to help you from 09.00-21.00!

Need help in English? Please contact us at 020-2611606. Our English speaking experts are happy to help you anytime!

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